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Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund

Zach recording

Zach recording "Clouds"

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Zach's Story

Zach was diagnosed with osteosarcoma on November 23, 2009, at age 14. Osteosarcoma is a cancer of the bone, with just 400 cases diagnosed in children under age 20 per year in the U.S.

Zach's treatment included a hip replacement, hours of physical therapy, four thoracotomies, several minor surgeries, biopsies, and months of chemo. In May of 2012 they found out the cancer had spread to his pelvis and lungs. WIth only comfort treatments left as options, Zach's diagnosis was terminal. It is with heavy hearts that we share Zach passed away May 20, 2013.

This fund was set up to help kids like Zach. To fund research for better treatments and ultimately a cure for this disease.

What Your Gift Can Do

By making a gift to the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund, you can help our scientists develop new therapies to treat osteosarcoma. Our team is leading the charge to bring two promising new drugs to osteosarcoma patients: an immune-based therapy and a drug that kills osteosarcoma cells. The fund also supports an effort to map the genetic factors that signal osteosarcoma growth. With your support, we can continue funding discoveries that are revolutionizing the way pediatric cancer is treated worldwide, and helping more children lead happy, healthy lives.

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Danielle Roberts
Wed, Jun 11, 2014
I just bought Zach's song 'Clouds' off Itunes. I have not stopped listening to it! An amazing song by an amazing guy! My prayers and thoughts to his family. Rest in Paradise my friend!

Fri, May 09, 2014
I just watched the videos on You Tube and it has inspired a quote within my heart. "If your joy or happiness means taking away someone else's joy or happiness...that's not real joy or happiness. It's a form of selfishness." And another: " My bucket list: to help others take something off their bucket list whenever possible."

Lisa Ryan
Thu, Jan 09, 2014
My dear friend Zack, thank you for giving me hope in your time of need. we both suffer from different painful expierences but we both share the same willingness to wanna fight for a cure. my story is a lot different than yours....but the end result is there is always hope. Zack thank you for your song clouds . I am a servivor of domestic violence and as the servivior i wanna thank you for leaving your song clouds for all the world to cling to in the times of weakness to the times of joy. I want you to know I have your song when i get afraid my abuser may hurt another...or myself, but now your song clouds is a reminder to me no matter how scared I get Clouds. reminds me My abuser doesn't have the power to take the beauty of life I couldn't see I had untill I heard your song. Zack thank you for your gift you left all of us. we are free! We can be happy and noone with bad news can tear down our spirit . Love your friend Lisa Ryan.

Tess Farahpour
Mon, Dec 30, 2013
My god what an inspiration to us all...just saw this story and am SO touched. I feel like Zach reached through my tv screen and spoke to me. My Uncle was a huge music lover and guitar player and though he did not die from cancer his music has touched us all and helped to make it just a bit easier to accept. I am single mom unemployed but in nursing school and want to give whatever i can to Zachs cause what an angel on earth. To his mother... i have two boys of my own.... i wish nothing but peace to you from now till you see Zach again!

Carol Rieger
Thu, Dec 19, 2013
Just got thru watching the incredible story on Zach Sobiech.
We had a daughter Missy Dawn Rieger who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma when she had just turned 13, in December, 1983. With only a 5% chance of living. Amputated leg,many rounds of chemo,using the best drugs to secondary drugs to experimental drugs,2 lung surgeries. She lived only 17 months, but her never ending faith in God along with her love of life which she lived to the fullest. Died on the 4th of July, 1985 four months from her 15th birthday.
I am so sorry to here about the loss of Zach, but am so happy to hear their is an ongoing awareness of work going toward pediactric cancers. Our families sincere sympathy on the loss of Zach,

Mon, Dec 09, 2013
Hello everybody, firstly I want to apologize for my bad english... I don't really know who I'm talking but I think I must write this comment. My name is Angeline and I live in Switzerland. I turned 18 in september and it will be 3 years in february that I'm fighting against an Osteosarcoma of knie with a lot of pulmonary metastases. After almost 3 years, after multiple chemotherapy, surgery, one recidive, all was ok for several month under metronomic therapy. But 1 month agp, the doctors found news metastases and there is no other "Big chemotherapy" so they proposed to me a "Cryo ablation". They freeze the metastases with a needle, they told me there was no risk... The morning before the intervention, I found Zach's video and I was so admiring his strength, his faith and his courage. And I told to myself : Hey, maybe you'll die tomorrow, or in few month, or in few years.. Everybody dies one day, also you MUST make what you like, stop this study who not interest you, you must be with the people who loves you and you love...
The intervention didn't go well, I made an massive hemorrhage, I was one day in coma and 2 weeks under respirator. And I remember, I told to myself or rather to God : Zach Sobiech, we didn't know us but I need your help, you know what I went through during those 3 years, help me give me a little of your strength.. It may seems stupid but say that to myself helped me.. Today I'm still in Hospital but I'm better and I often think about Zach and I say : Wow.. This guy was and still is extraordinary..
Maybe it seems stupid too but, in the reportage "My last days" when I see the scar on the back of Zach, I thought: somebody understand me, somebody know really how we feel when we are sick because I have exactly the same scar. My family and my friends help me very much, but see that was it was as if I saw a "brother of course", I don't really know how to explain this feeling..
Anyway, Zach's story really touched me, for the rest of my life...

Sun, Dec 08, 2013
Le Québec se lève pour toi Zach. Merci pour ta musique. Merci pour ton style de vie. Merci pour l'inspiration. Ta famille peut être plus que fière de t'avoir parmis eux. Garde un oeil sur eux !

Mon, Nov 25, 2013
Bonjour je suis désoler d écrire en français mais je voulais vous faire savoir que de l autre bout du monde beaucoup de personne on était toucher par l histoire que zach nous a laisser et sachet qu il es prêt de nous tous et qu'il a laisser que de la joie j ai était très ému de voir je reportage merci a lui qu il repose en paix

Sun, Nov 24, 2013
This message is to say how much I admire and respect Zach for all the beautiful things he did, and how his time on earth really brought something unique and radiant to every single people who heard about his story.
I saw the video of his last days and I sincerely couldn't stop crying, it really touched me deep inside, and I also listened to all his songs, they are all incredibly moving.
I hadn't heard about the song "Clouds" before, it didn't yet go viral in France, but this song is my idea of perfection, it's so pure, completely breath-taking...
I also wanted to share my admiration for his family, you represent to me such a wonderful example of love, friendship and strength, and seeing this video showing so much love despite tough ordeals really made my day and made me reconsider life in general, the impact all of you have on people is absolutely unbelievable, you're all amazing, and I'm sure you'll continue to shine the same way that Zach did.
Thank you so much for being what you are,
you're a true exemple to me

Judy Frost
Thu, Nov 21, 2013
I was introduce to Zach and his music 4 days ago, never have I come across such an inspiring and brave young person. I have shed so many tears this week, mostly sobbed uncontrollably his love and bravery touched me so deeply. I have 13, 15 and 20 yr old children and as a parent this is unbelievably difficult to imagine. I hope these messages pass on to Zach's parents.
We have played Clouds all week, my 15yr old daughter is now playing it in her guitar, we have reflected and cried so much in the last few days!
Judy Frost and family. Leics, UK.

Jess Hoag
Tue, Sep 03, 2013
My brother Pete passed away at age 38 from Osteosarcoma. Zach's story reminds me so much of my brother's. My brother lived a life of pride, and wanted people to remember him full of life, and not sick with this disease. My heart goes out to Zach's family, as my own family that misses my brother every moment of every day. We are blessed to have had Pete in our lives who taught us the true meaning of living, as Zach did. Live each day as if it is your last.

Jazmin Williams
Mon, Jun 03, 2013
Zach's story touched me and has given me a different outlook on life. I even wrote about him for the website I write for
As soon as I can get money, I will donate to this amazing cause.
Rest in Peace, Zach ♥

Evan Glen Cook - TN
Mon, Jun 03, 2013
I cannot put my feelings into words, & I know that this will not be seen, but as a 17 year old guy, and not knowing much at all about him, Zach has won me over. It was said that he would spread happiness just by being there, and he still is. I've never heard his music, furthermore I had not known about any of this until 20 minutes ago and I had to reach out and tell someone, anyone, that Zach made me smile and has inspired me. Thank you Zach.

Sat, Jun 01, 2013
Your video was an amazing story of love, laughter and hope with a lot of tears entwined throughout.. it gives...
and gives again,
thank you,

Ronnie Kauffman
Fri, May 31, 2013
Thank you Sobiech family for sharing Zach with us. You all are an inspiration for the love given and shared. I hope my own family can be as great as yours.

Fri, May 31, 2013
I was in shock after learning about Zach, I am very much sympathy for him and his family! I learned about it on May 15. I could not torn off from his songs ... I listened to it ... I have a dream of becoming a rock musician.You need to go for their dreams despite no matter what! Maybe Zach would also like this. After I found out what happened on May 20 I was shocked! I could not rejoice vacation .. but I realized that you need to live as if this day!Need as much time to spend with your family and loved ones! My English is bad, but I'm writing this from my heart! Zach has taught us to live as if this day last! I know I'll always be ponit person who taught me all this! Eternal memory to Zack!Russian sympathy to all the family and friends Zack! And we hope that the view from the clouds a little bit better ...
Mark.15 years

Thu, May 30, 2013
Zach was an absolutely amazing human being that i would do anything to keep his legacy going. He did not deserve to die and my condolences go to his amazing family.

Alyssa Marie
Thu, May 30, 2013
Zach's story is so inspirational-he truly is such an amazing person. I just graduated from high school, and his story really touched me. He reminded me the importance of being happy, chasing after your dreams, and how amazing life can be when you take the time to cherish it. Thank you Zach-my love goes out to you and your family & friends.

Wed, May 29, 2013
I live in Japan and found his song Clouds accidentally on internet, just liked it so much then I found that it has a lot of stories behind. I`ve been facing difficult situation and had no one that I could talk to. I was really down at bottom wanted given up everything. But Zach lifted me up to be strong again. I really want to thank to him and I want to give my positive energy back to all his family who are missing Zach badly. Time heals the pain. It took me for sometime when I lost my brother-like friend. We all are on a roller coaster, ups and downs. Just keep smiling move forward a little by little for someone who really loves and cares about you and for yourself.
Again, thank you for giving me uplift ^_^

Marni Rivera
Mon, May 27, 2013
What a gift this video is to all who see it. And what a privilege to have met Zach, even virtually!

junjie He
Sun, May 26, 2013
Zach thanks for you song to get my life
back, in the future i will make the donation 1 dollar by every product my company sell out.
thanks Zach .

junjie He
Sun, May 26, 2013
Thanks ,many thanks Zach,
your song save me,
i think i gonne start a new life form now on!!!

Henry Zachary's Mom
Sun, May 26, 2013
Thank you to the amazing people at CCRF, the researchers who have dedicated their lives to discovering a better future and to all the people who are helping make Zach's dream a reality.

Sat, May 25, 2013
Enjoy that view Zach!

Dana Gillies
Fri, May 24, 2013
I lost my aunt in January of 2013.. As someone who recently lost a loved one to cancer, Zach's story hit me hard.. My heart goes out to the Sobiech family, Amy, and all those who were touched by Zach's story, I sincerely believe that through his perseverance, creativity, and vision, he has created a wave of good. People feeling better about life, feeling inspired, and becoming happy through Zach's life, and his music. And that means a lot.

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